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Jeff & Shana

My name is Jeff Peacock and I am a 2nd generation owner of Peacocks Transmission Inc. in Cleburne TX. My dad Bill Peacock gave me the opportunity to work for him in the transmission shop when I was 16. I would come in after school to work... he made me start at the bottom... the very bottom.  I remember scrubbing floors, picking up after other techs, cleaning the bathrooms, and just about anything else that the other techs didn't want to do...looking back I didn't understand the fundamental lesson that my dad was teaching me... sometimes we have to start at the bottom to reach the top.

My dad instilled in me that hard work and dedication pays off, to listen and learn when someone is teaching you, treat people fair, do the best work possible, treat every customer like they were your mother... because they may not be yours... but they are someones!  He taught me how to work on transmissions, and years ago he would say learn the electronics son... cause that's where its headed... I heeded the warning and I learned. Above all of this he taught me character, after all of this I took the shop he started... and I made it the very best I could.
After a lot of prayers and thought I decided to provide you with more than transmissions, so with GOD's leading I have teamed up with one of the very best techs I know, Casey Gray, may I say this man knows cars like no one I've ever seen. In addition to the transmission shop we now have a complete automotive repair shop, Main Street Elite, Peacocks Transmission will remain just where it is and has been for the past 30 years. Casey and I share the same vision, to have the best automotive repair shop around. We both have a desire to treat people fair and if they have a problem we will do everything in our power to make it right.
My wife Shana has been a huge blessing in my life for over 24 years, and with her help we will make this dream come true, she will be helping with the office as she does at the transmission shop, I'm thankful that we share the same dreams and desires to see this come to light. She is my rock that helps keep me going.  My kids... Garrett and Brie have helped in ways that they don't even know, for them, for being so understanding I am so thankful. Garrett has expressed an interest in working with us in the summers. Brie would help in the office if she wasn't going to school to become a nurse. I am so proud of both of them for the people they have become. I am also thankful for my father and mother in law, Joe and Vi Russell for all of their prayers, help and support.
I keep thinking back to what my dad always said " All you have to do is, do what you say you're going to do, be fair, honest and take care of your customers and they will take care of you."
  I Pray that I leave a legacy that my kids can be proud of just as my parents did for me.  

Casey & Kim

My name is Casey, and I could go on at length about the benefits and features of our shop... the things that make our shop state of the art, or top of the line, like the fact that we are one of the only shops in town that is BOSCH Certified, or that a Master Certified Mechanic is responsible for each repair... but really, there have been many shops over the years that have been state of the art as well, but their outcomes have always fallen the same.

I mean, even the Titanic was state of the art, remember, and it was said to be unsinkable. But, we all know that wasn't true, so what happened, why did it sink even though it was top of the line? Well, because the problem wasn't with the ship, or its equipment...the ship sank because of the arrogance of the decision maker behind the wheel.

With that said, we feel that it's important that you know us personally, the decision makers behind this wheel, and not only the wheel of this ship, our shop...but incidentally, because we will also be behind your wheels. 

So, as I said before, I'm Casey, and I'm a car guy; I'm also a competitor and most importantly, I'm a Believer...
As a child, I was the go-to guy in the neighborhood for Matchbox & Hot Wheels. I was constantly taking something apart, and I'm pretty sure that I drove my parents nuts in the process. 
I started out by managing Part Stores in Cleburne, Stephenville, Grandview, as well as in Alvarado,  and I've lived in Cleburne all of my life.
I've also loved working on cars my entire life, and even took an automotive curriculum in High School. Since then, I've probably obtained more credit hours in Automotive Technology than most surgeons have in their specified fields of study after eight years of college.
Most of my career in the automotive industry has been as a technician, and I've trained at some of the best automotive institutes all over the nation. I am Master-Certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, and am also an Advanced Level Specialist, a Certified Bosch Service Technician, and an ASE Under Car Specialist. For the past ten years, I have worked as a Master Tech, and have over seventeen years of automotive experience overall. 
 So, after much prayer and research, we decided to put in a different kind of shop… because I believe that it is possible to run a facility with integrity; one that treats its' staff with respect, while also providing a cost-effective service to the public. 
Main Street Elite exists as proof that good guys don't always finish last...
 I am blessed to have the most amazing wife in the world standing by my side, who has always told me that I could do this... I'm also the father of three beautiful children.  We have been blessed with amazing friendships and unbelievable relationships in the past year, and I want to give a special thanks to Jeff for being an amazing friend and for sharing a vision, one that we are now seeing come to fruition, with the help of the Creator... thanks man, I love ya! 
The Writer Henry James said that "Three things in human life are important: The first is to be kind. The second...is to be kind. The third...is to be kind."
Not everyone in the auto industry is the type of people you see on investigative TV news stories. Some of us are the people that the news channels consult for those stories.
I also want to thank my dad, Larry Gray... I love you dad, you have taught me so many life life lessons over the years, honesty, integrity, and respect ... things that are seeming further apart in the world today!

We're very serious about what we do, but it doesn't mean we aren't enjoying what we do. Our customers are like an extended family to us, our mishpocha - we don't take advantage of family, and we don't take advantage of you.

I'll leave you with this thought from J.C. Watts, Jr.:"Character is doing what's right, when nobody's looking."

 Corey Henderson 

Where to start with an introduction ... Why not start at the beginning? My name is Cody and this is pretty much the mentality and approach that I bring into my everyday life. I am a firm believer that the first impression can dictate the entire relationship (though first impressions can be, and often are wrong). No exception when it comes to choosing the correct automotive repair facility and technicians. Most people have described me as a "straight shooter" so I would say that is my most obvious attribute, and why not? That is a quality I look for in all sales people that I do business with on a personal level so it only makes sense that the general public would look for that quality in me. I believe in communicating, getting your problem solved and getting you back on the road of life. If you're like me, you don't purposely look for extra hassles along this winding road of life ... No one wants problems and one less problem I can make for you makes my day. I treat people how I want to be treated or how I want my family treated if I'm not around to help them. Our customers are just an extension of our immediate families.

A little history and experience you say? I say give them what they want ... The earliest memories I have of mechanical skill development for me go back to working on my bikes. (No, not the Harley, the Huffy.) As a child I can remember lots of things breaking on my bike and having to repair them. But automotive has always been in my blood. While working on my bicycles, I was able to watch my uncles resurrect life back into old cars and trucks, and fell in love with the idea of doing that very same thing. So naturally, when I turned 15 and got the itch to drive, my automotive career began.  I spent the next few years piecing my clunker together to get where I needed to go as well as a few of my friends' cars. *Little known fact* I never even set foot in a repair facility until I was hired into a shop to begin my documented career. Five years later, I myself am an ASE certified automotive technician.

Casey and I have worked together for five years now and I can't think of anyone else, but a best friend that I would have working beside me every day. This is an important quality in our shop that is not prevalent in all automotive repair facilities. Not only does it benefit the employee, but it benefits the customer because there is no one man that can do it all by themselves. It just makes for an awesome atmosphere.

So to sum it all up, you can count on us to be professional, friendly and most importantly, honest about what the best option is for you when it comes to making a repair decision on your car and getting you safely back on the road of life with a smile, instead of a nightmare.